My mission is to decorate others with the love behind
my bead work & creations.

New Collection Launch – Out of the Loop

Welcome to my site!  I’m excited you are here.

I began bead weaving back in 1995 with the help of one of my great friends and neighbors back in Macon, Georgia.
She was beading this beautiful amulet bag and it caught my eye and made my creative juices start flowing.
I stared in awe wishing I could make such beautiful beadwork as she was making.
Even though I was a little skeptical, she convinced me to give it a try so I ordered my first bead kit through Carol Wilcox-Wells.
My friend walked me through the very first beaded amulet bag and I was hooked immediately.
She didn’t tell me how addicting it was going to be.
I will always be so thankful for her in so many ways.
Hope you enjoy my beadwork and website.

I’ve been bitten by the png 2

This poem by Mary Anne Radmacher tells it all.

Stand often in the company of dreamers:
they tickle your common sense & believe you can achieve things which are impossible.


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